Release News

This week, the Children Of Jaded receive their disruption from a master: raw, hard and fast originator – D.Carbone.
Disruptor 041 is GFX. He’s been cooking up some bloody tasty trax on his own and with Vendex. ‘Burning Man’ in particular is a Jaded towers favourite. We’re devouring every morsel he sends our way right now, the hunger is real.
JADED: Hi Milla, we are so excited to be releasing ‘Unconscious Body’ on Stroberload. It’s already had outstanding support from friends in the scene like Philipp Strobel, Kozlov, Femanyst, OBCDN, OCD, Rown, Hioll, Rottar, Modular Phaze and Dist; but there’s still an aura of mystery there for all of us. Can you tell us about … Continued