Issue 01

We begin Issue 01 and a new era of techno fandom with the master of hypnotic techno – Pfirter and his MindTrip label. Always ahead of the curve but timeless; tracks like ‘The Fall Of The Empire Is Imminent’ defined the era. With EPs like his current joint with Oliver Rosemann – ‘Alpha’, we know … Continued
AD†AM & Lilith know exactly what spells to weave to get our Jaded pulses racing: This is proper lose your mind in the middle of the dance floor track. After a successful first edition, Falsive Records will mark its second Various Artist compilation on the 17th of April 2020. With a total of 23 contributing … Continued
We couldn’t imagine the scene without Aahan: one of the most energetic and giving figures around – he can be counted on to have a unique opinion whatever the topic. Harbouring a total disrespect for time zones – Aahan will be always be awake crafting his next masterpiece between messages that make us giggle here … Continued
Koszmar’s latest for Kindcrime is a dark rolling number with a sinister groove and hypnotic vocal infectious enough to keep you bouncing around… Artist: Koszmar Title: The Meaning Of Life Label: Kindcrime Recordings Catalogue: KDC232 Release date: April 24, 2020 Follow @kindcrime-recordings
Disruptor 030 is a master of the UK techno banger. A monster VA release on his own Khazad Records is poised to destroy all proper dance floor re-openings. In this 2h mix, his lush but lethal style gets to work.You can hear just how he pins crowds to the dance floor for hours at a … Continued
This is our 2nd Premiere from the Khazad Records Various Artists Vol.01, and it is also one of Jaded resident Raymundo Rodriguez’s picks from the release. “This one ticks all the boxes for me, it has that main room Techno pace, but with those killer EBM type sounds that I am completely hooked on at … Continued
The first thing that strikes you when working with V/Plasm is how quickly he gets your ideas.That’s probably one of the reasons that there’s a bit of queue to get him involved. He’s just launched his new Background project (WarinD features in the first episode). This coming Sunday, he’ll be going live from our Jaded … Continued
Hey big shout outs to Jaded for keeping me occupied during this lockdown and asking me to come up with 3 tracks I’m feeling each week from soundcloud. Expect bangers, rollers and everything in between. Here are this week’s top 3… 1. Alessandro Nero – ‘Take and Destroy’ (Kindcrime Recordings) Awesomely heavy and broken track: … Continued
Hi Luca! Thanks for being with us on this very first issue of our fanzine. (We are gigantic Helrad Limited fans!) and for sharing this premiere of A Birth Defect’s ‘Burning Skies’ with us. Hi Jaded! Thanks for having me and congratulations for your fantastic parties and your techno mission in the U.K. Jaded: Helrad … Continued