SLLAV's Room 2 curations are the trip we look forward to every month. This time around, he's flying in OPÄK to make his London debut alongside co-conspirators Hybrid Vigour and James Newmarch. We asked the four to select some weaponry to get the Children Of Jaded lost in a time loop. Be ready for the sounds of Makornik, Hadone, Basswell and more...

Photo: T/W/B x SNTS Showcase at RIMBU Hi 74185#! Thank you for bringing T/W/B to Corsica Studios this Sunday. We can’t wait to give you the proper Jaded hero’s welcome. Looking back through all 20 releases since 2015 was emotive for us. So many have become classics on our dance floor and well beyond. What … Continued
Jaded’s Spring ’19 is drenched in petrol and ready to ignite as we bring together the relevant and mosts wanted acts from the UK and Europe together to form one unholy Sunday riot. We want the techno children of London to be torn between rooms, sweat, and be challenged. To leave Corsica Studios utterly broken … Continued

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