We at Jaded have been excited to see our friend and beloved Londoner P RISCO starting his Chronicles Records label and releasing EP01 with a promising contemporary – 6EJOU. Ahead of his video and track premiere, we caught up with Antonio to find out more… JADED: Pandæmonio is your first release on Chronicles Records – … Continued
The Children Of Jaded unleash bone-crushing rave pressure for Stroberload Volume Two. Five anarchic trax that will inspire the full chaos and beauty of Sunday morning, 10am in South London. Tracklist 1. AD†AM – Unhealthy Love 2. ÅMRTÜM Ft SYNTA – TANZ 3. Kaylah – Towerblock Dreams 4. Melissa D’Lima – We Don’t Have To … Continued
Ahead of the release of Kaylah’s ‘Towerblock Dreams’ on Stroberload Volume Two, we bring you this riot of a mix. It has all the nuance, angst and brutality of an UK techno artist who has dominated 2020 with a succession of stunning releases; invoking the depth of culture and diverse roots of UK electronica. Feedback … Continued
Ahead of today’s Bandcamp Friday, Jaded got lost in the supermarket. Our mission: find some fresh bangers (aside from the amazing trax we’ve premiered this month). Here are some of the gems we grabbed from the shelves… Morph’s VA01 is wall to wall energy. Better yet, the Swedish label says that “..all profit from Morph … Continued
There’s a new Zine on the block addressing industrial music culture. Curators Siobahn and Sam asked STROBERLOAD to write about the foundations of the label for their upcoming issue 01. Follow Paintsniffer:
AD†AM ’s video for High Speed Violence’s ‘Unconscious Body’ gets a premiere from H a r d V i s i o n today.
Disruptors 044 takes in the haunting trance wizardry of SHADYLINES. The EXTRA ENERGY duo are ready to teach the Children Of Jaded a lesson in advanced kinesis.
This week, the Children Of Jaded receive their disruption from a master: raw, hard and fast originator – D.Carbone.
Disruptor 041 is GFX. He’s been cooking up some bloody tasty trax on his own and with Vendex. ‘Burning Man’ in particular is a Jaded towers favourite. We’re devouring every morsel he sends our way right now, the hunger is real.