High priestess of Demain Kollectiv, Lili†h opens a new era of disruptors mixes with this heart-racing modern techno workout. Mastered by Milan at Masterworks Audio. Tracklist Aexhy/Funk Tribu/Antnk – Heartbreak3000 And or – push Acor – Eyes Dallanuel – ??? DXPE – Once Again Matrakk – Drift Like Verstappen Dallaniel – Berlin on Sunday Axciid … Continued
The techno children of London were numbed. Trapped in a time loop, they could no longer tell the difference between day and night. There was only one known cure… Stroberload Volume 03 is pure heart-racing rave hysteria. Jaded’s techno label mates evoke the pacey spirit of Sunday morning, 10am, just in time for the re-opening … Continued
WNDRLST ÅMRTÜM LEY MAR IMNOTYOURMATE Lorenzo Papini Sluhg Kaylah High Speed Violence Raymundo Rodriguez It’s ok, we’re back. And we are ready to unleash bone-crushing rave pressure for the techno children of London. With an anarchic lineup that captures the full chaos and beauty of Sunday morning, 10am in South London. Tickets with no booking … Continued
We at Jaded have been excited to see our friend and beloved Londoner P RISCO starting his Chronicles Records label and releasing EP01 with a promising contemporary – 6EJOU. Ahead of his video and track premiere, we caught up with Antonio to find out more… JADED: Pandæmonio is your first release on Chronicles Records – … Continued
The Children Of Jaded unleash bone-crushing rave pressure for Stroberload Volume Two. Five anarchic trax that will inspire the full chaos and beauty of Sunday morning, 10am in South London. Tracklist 1. AD†AM – Unhealthy Love 2. ÅMRTÜM Ft SYNTA – TANZ 3. Kaylah – Towerblock Dreams 4. Melissa D’Lima – We Don’t Have To … Continued
Ahead of the release of Kaylah’s ‘Towerblock Dreams’ on Stroberload Volume Two, we bring you this riot of a mix. It has all the nuance, angst and brutality of an UK techno artist who has dominated 2020 with a succession of stunning releases; invoking the depth of culture and diverse roots of UK electronica. Feedback … Continued
Ahead of today’s Bandcamp Friday, Jaded got lost in the supermarket. Our mission: find some fresh bangers (aside from the amazing trax we’ve premiered this month). Here are some of the gems we grabbed from the shelves… Morph’s VA01 is wall to wall energy. Better yet, the Swedish label says that “..all profit from Morph … Continued
There’s a new Zine on the block addressing industrial music culture. Curators Siobahn and Sam asked STROBERLOAD to write about the foundations of the label for their upcoming issue 01. Follow Paintsniffer:
AD†AM ’s video for High Speed Violence’s ‘Unconscious Body’ gets a premiere from H a r d V i s i o n today.
Disruptors 044 takes in the haunting trance wizardry of SHADYLINES. The EXTRA ENERGY duo are ready to teach the Children Of Jaded a lesson in advanced kinesis.
This week, the Children Of Jaded receive their disruption from a master: raw, hard and fast originator – D.Carbone.
Disruptor 041 is GFX. He’s been cooking up some bloody tasty trax on his own and with Vendex. ‘Burning Man’ in particular is a Jaded towers favourite. We’re devouring every morsel he sends our way right now, the hunger is real.
JADED: Hi Milla, we are so excited to be releasing ‘Unconscious Body’ on Stroberload. It’s already had outstanding support from friends in the scene like Philipp Strobel, Kozlov, Femanyst, OBCDN, OCD, Rown, Hioll, Rottar, Modular Phaze and Dist; but there’s still an aura of mystery there for all of us. Can you tell us about … Continued
Neuroscientist by day, brain-seeking missile by night: Vienna’s Caniche brings fast & rough rave techno with lots of schranz, hardgroove & sprinkles of trance to the Disruptors series.Listen:
Disruptor 039 is rising beast of Warsaw – MOIA.Listen:
Earlier this month, Ethan Fawkes released his follow up to ‘Hoovers & Stabs,’ a futuristic exploration entitled ‘Direction Kepler-11’. At first listen it’s a cross between a sci fi film score and the 90s rave you daydream about time travelling to: A foray into every shade of 90s dance music that sounds fresh and challenging. … Continued
Here’s Ethan with a special Direction Kepler-11 recording for the Technozine. Don’t wait until 1st May – you can buy Direction Kepler-11 and stream full tracks right now on Bandcamp.
One of the principle characters of the modern day techno movement, the UK’s Joefarr has many strings to his bow. Respected for his track mastering skills as well as his djing and music output, we caught up with him to talk about his record label User Experience. Hey Joe, thanks for taking the time to … Continued
This issue, we feature the premiere of Teokad’s ‘Something Like That’ taken from the the brand new 4 part VA compilation from Fluctuat Records. We grabbed a quick chat with label boss Jules aka Coqman. Hey Jules, tell us about the concept of new compilation? And the featured premiere track by TAOKAD? Hello Ray, thanks … Continued
Hi and welcome to Issue 02 of the Technozine. In this issue, we have three insane exclusive mixes from Minimum Syndat, Ethan Fawkes and Helrad. Premieres that range from hi-octane techno to electro from Soma Records’ new sub label, and label profiles and interviews with some of the main characters of modern day techno. Lastly, … Continued
They’re the trailblazing young Glaswegian collective who have dominated and inspired the scene since 2018. We just had to ask a few burning questions for Issue 02 of the Technozine… Hey guys, Congrats on the Voight-Kampff VA 02. It’s great so see so many fantastic artists breaking ground on this monster of a release! Can … Continued
We are excited to premiere ‘The Infinite Ones’ taken from the the new Kronos Device EP on on Soma Records’ new Electro sub label Avoidant. Artist: Kronos Device Name: The Infinite Ones EP Label: Avoidant Records Release Date: 27th April 2020 1. Hyperqub3 2.The Infinite Ones 3. Control Soma Records reveal they’re the force behind … Continued
Hot damn this is a banger from the Netil, Threads & Vandelay resident. Part of Ceili’s belting second VA. Follow: @dsmano @ceilicollective Various Artist – Speed Bumps (CEILI 0.2) Ceili curates another head-rush compilation of squirming, writhing, fizzling techno on ‘Speed Bumps’, the second VA on his self-titled imprint. This second edition takes a more … Continued
Technozine is hyped to present the premiere of Kaylah’s track ‘Blue Mitsubishi’ forthcoming on his new Trialz EP – ‘Too Old To Die Young.’ As you’d expect from 2020’s fiercest up and comer, it’s a banger all the way through, bolstered by savage remixes from Kenny Campbell and Distra. We caught up with Trialz co-founder … Continued
If you’ve ever wondered what happens at a Good Night Out training session, or you’re thinking of setting up a rave buddy system at your party, read on. We give our insight into what promoters can expect and speak to co-founder, Bryony. At the beginning of 2020, we took our longest hiatus in 6 years … Continued
Ahead of his release on Joefarr’s User Experience label, Helrad brings a high-octane journey through the pleasure pain polarities to the Disruptors series. Read Helrad’s label interview from Issue 01 of the Technozine here:
It’s our second week of bringing you Kaylah’s bangers from the lockdown bunker, and we know all our friends can relate to the selfie. He says – “This is what happens when you spend all day every day making music.” Here are Kaylah’s picks of this week’s new releases… 1. Danilo Incorvaia – Eye For … Continued
We begin Issue 01 and a new era of techno fandom with the master of hypnotic techno – Pfirter and his MindTrip label. Always ahead of the curve but timeless; tracks like ‘The Fall Of The Empire Is Imminent’ defined the era. With EPs like his current joint with Oliver Rosemann – ‘Alpha’, we know … Continued
AD†AM & Lilith know exactly what spells to weave to get our Jaded pulses racing: This is proper lose your mind in the middle of the dance floor track. After a successful first edition, Falsive Records will mark its second Various Artist compilation on the 17th of April 2020. With a total of 23 contributing … Continued
We couldn’t imagine the scene without Aahan: one of the most energetic and giving figures around – he can be counted on to have a unique opinion whatever the topic. Harbouring a total disrespect for time zones – Aahan will be always be awake crafting his next masterpiece between messages that make us giggle here … Continued
Koszmar’s latest for Kindcrime is a dark rolling number with a sinister groove and hypnotic vocal infectious enough to keep you bouncing around… Artist: Koszmar Title: The Meaning Of Life Label: Kindcrime Recordings Catalogue: KDC232 Release date: April 24, 2020 Follow @kindcrime-recordings
Disruptor 030 is a master of the UK techno banger. A monster VA release on his own Khazad Records is poised to destroy all proper dance floor re-openings. In this 2h mix, his lush but lethal style gets to work.You can hear just how he pins crowds to the dance floor for hours at a … Continued
This is our 2nd Premiere from the Khazad Records Various Artists Vol.01, and it is also one of Jaded resident Raymundo Rodriguez’s picks from the release. “This one ticks all the boxes for me, it has that main room Techno pace, but with those killer EBM type sounds that I am completely hooked on at … Continued
The first thing that strikes you when working with V/Plasm is how quickly he gets your ideas.That’s probably one of the reasons that there’s a bit of queue to get him involved. He’s just launched his new Background project (WarinD features in the first episode). This coming Sunday, he’ll be going live from our Jaded … Continued
Hey big shout outs to Jaded for keeping me occupied during this lockdown and asking me to come up with 3 tracks I’m feeling each week from soundcloud. Expect bangers, rollers and everything in between. Here are this week’s top 3… 1. Alessandro Nero – ‘Take and Destroy’ (Kindcrime Recordings) Awesomely heavy and broken track: … Continued
Hi Luca! Thanks for being with us on this very first issue of our fanzine. (We are gigantic Helrad Limited fans!) and for sharing this premiere of A Birth Defect’s ‘Burning Skies’ with us. Hi Jaded! Thanks for having me and congratulations for your fantastic parties and your techno mission in the U.K. Jaded: Helrad … Continued
Over the past 12 months, Vishscale has gone from best-kept London secret to hero of the techno underworld. We caught up with him to find out more about his influences and to bag this ferocious mix full of anger and etherial power. Hi Vish, can you describe the Scale Trax ethos and your personal sound … Continued
Toronto firecracker, Aahan makes his Obscuur debut with ‘Northern Cuts EP.’ Ahead of the release on Monday 16th September, we caught up with the producer who’s found himself in the eye of a techno storm since the beginning of the year. Listen to the premiere of Kingmaker. Can you tell us about your journey into … Continued