This Sunday at Corsica Studios, KODEN make their London debut. We caught up with the entire crew to find out more about their ethos and the story so far…

Hello guys, and thank you for forming this special takeover and your Corsica Studios debut. What were your formative influences and motivators for bringing KODEN to the Birmingham scene?

Thank you for having us, this is definitely an honour!

KODEN was founded by Jay Sirett and Vasili Carlson in 2016 on the ideas brought from many parties and experiences not only from around the country but also parts of the European scene. The former Studio 80 in Amsterdam was a major motivator towards the brand and specifically one night, where in the inky and intimate atmosphere brought by the Sementica records showcase the two decided to actually experiment working on replicating a similar experience into Birmingham’s Techno Heritage. At that time in the city, they both couldn’t express their wide-ranging techno-taste so they saw KODEN as a platform towards not only their individual profiles but also as a platform which would bring local techno soldiers together. Inviting residents SLLAV with his keen attitude and taste for groovy, hard hitting music and Clairmonte, being a connoisseur to the dark journey of the techno genre, was the beginning of two seasons of fresh sound that followed.

Can you share some tracks and moments from the journey so far?

Probably the most special moment we could think of was when Abstract Man and Pleiades headlined the night. It was 13th of October, ironically Friday, it was freezing outside and it being our second party, we did not have high expectations. That was until about 11:30pm when the room was literally packed and you could barely see anything from all the smoke the machine produced. That night Abstract Man send us on a journey in space followed by Pleiades who brought us back to Earth and made everyone stomp the ground. The music was top-notch, the crowd clearly enjoyed it and were convinced that we need to carry on

Another moment is every time we finish the lights come in and whoever is playing usually drops something slightly melodic or with vocals and the people continue dancing for a while without caring for the lights. At the end, there is not many left but the people who are still there always go mental: the shout and whistle which can only make us happy!
Here is one of those masterpieces…

Can you tell us a little bit about the individual styles you play and how you envision this Sunday’s journey will go for the children of Jaded? Any tracks you can share that exemplify the KODEN soundscape for August 2018?

KODEN is not only about staying true to the genre but also presenting its diversity.

Jay Sirett — KODEN visionary and resident, is becoming a name you associate with the Birmingham Techno scene. The Brummie born producer’s hard work is paying off and it shows, playing his characteristically energetic take on Techno for the likes of Elements and after-party institution Jaded. Following on from his intense DJ sets he’s just as committed in the studio and has enjoyed a string of successful releases including EP’s ‘Hands’ and ‘Sharp Edge’ released on respected imprints Industrial Techno United and RCR Black Limited.

Vasili Carlson is originally from Greece and the Co-founder of KODEN has been mesmerizing listeners with his signature spatial sounds since our formation. His free but determined view of musical expression and energy not only relate to the trajectory of a great night but also takes on a higher meaning. As an experienced producer, he has signed to a slew of labels including – Intrusion, City Wall Records and Slate Records. The Techno alchemist hosts a regular podcast and has performed at well-respected underground events Elements, Tronika and Corner Sessions.

Carson’s choices:

SLLAV’s style can be summarised as “westernised gopnik”. He mainly likes it heavy and sometimes a melody comes in. Joke aside; he is deliberately focusing on bringing contemporary sound to the forefront. Alongside his 8-weekly Fnoob radio show he is also gaining a practical understanding of the genre from Birmingham and London based nights and has found his feet producing.

An August weapon for SLLAV is:

Clairmonte – combining a belief that the dance music experience can be transcendently powerful and an undimmed passion for the art of DJing, KODEN’s newest addition left us wanting more after his first performance earlier this year and has been coming back ever since. Now a full time resident and consistently impressing with his trademark attention to detail and execution in every set, he’s been laying the foundations for future success. Not content with standing still for too long and recently turning his attention to producing, expect this rising talent to feature prominently in Birmingham and beyond.

Some choices from Clairmonte are:

This Sunday, you can expect the heavy artillery of KODEN, Jay Sirett and SLLAV, alongside, London-based hero Hybrid Vigour. Make sure to put your dancing shoes on.

Finally, can you give us glimpse at what’s in store for KODEN’s followers over the next season?

We just announced our first event for the season 3, for which we called the well-known London-based artist Polanski. We started podcast series a couple of months ago and had Polanski feature in the latest episode. After listening to the podcast and experiencing his style at various events it was not very difficult to take the decision of booking him. Alongside that, we will be released a new podcast every month and are also communicating with both UK and European brands, so hopefully very soon you will be able to see what’s coming. Stay tuned!

Thank you guys! Jaded children – get ready for one of the most intense takeover debuts of the year so far. We’ll leave you with Hybrid Vigour’s incredible test set recorded earlier this month ahead of the gig. If you haven’t already, head over to RA and grab £10 tickets for Sunday with KODEN and of course Scalameriya’s UK debut here.