We couldn’t imagine the scene without Aahan: one of the most energetic and giving figures around – he can be counted on to have a unique opinion whatever the topic. Harbouring a total disrespect for time zones – Aahan will be always be awake crafting his next masterpiece between messages that make us giggle here at Jaded. We are so happy that we caught him in mid-mix last night – here are the results…

Jaded: You’re a prolific releaser – how do you keep the quality high and do you ever return to discarded projects?

Aahan: I release prolifically simply because making music has become nothing short of a waking obsession the last two to three years. I think it’s probably an unhealthy obsession at this point but you can find inspiration everywhere these days and it brings you back to the kitchen to cook. The standard of quality I maintain is due in part to all the artists I encounter from all sorts of musical backgrounds, from having very large followings to producers just starting out or those that keep their talent hidden until they find the perfect EP to send out to labels. They are the inspiration for keeping me motivated, not taking shortcuts and maintaining a standard of quality worthy of release. There is so much talent at all levels and it drives me to keep finding new techniques to keep my own productions fresh and original.

Jaded: What are you working on right now?

Aahan: I’m currently working on a few remixes and a couple of EPs, as well as anything that comes to mind during this lockdown situation. For example the decision to remix one of my favourite acts, She Past Away, came to during a stir-crazy moment in isolation a few days ago and I didn’t step away from my PC til it was finished. I think one benefit of this situation for artists is the fresh ideas and inspiration that might come randomly, bringing some unique work as a result.

Jaded: Can you give us three artists and tracks that have inspired or kept you motivated on lockdown?

Aahan: One artist I need to mention is Hadone. He’s doing some great work and releasing some absolute belters. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to him often and picking his brain. Definitely a big motivator.

Another group of artists and/or friends that have kept me inspired and motivated are artists from the Toronto scene, who have made some big moves over the last couple years. I want to shout out everyone in My Bungalow first of all. My friend Farhan has done very well the last year in Toronto and Europe. Measure Divide and MDD keep releasing crazy stuff and offer great advice. AADJA is putting out inspired and creative releases. Orphx continue to amaze the entire techno world and will never cease to inspire me.

I’m also inspired by several self-made and fresh crews and labels that are putting out relentless techno and leading the techno scene’s creative direction, gaining immense support from so many established artists. This includes Balrog and the Khazad crew, Mekanikal Bloodshed, Voight-Kampff, Substantive, Marked, Grounded, The Meaning of Rave, Demain Kollective, and many more I haven’t mentioned.