Introducing Issue 001 of the Jaded Techno Zine – an emergency release valve for new music & creativity whilst the clubs are closed.

We’ll be sneaking inside the labels that we all hold so dear – asking a few burning questions, and grabbing as many premieres and mixes as we can get away with.

Thanks to everybody involved in this first issue: Aahan, A Birth Defect, Adam & Lilith, Balrog, Grace Dahl, Helrad, Pfirter, Kaylah, Koszmar and V/Plasm.

We’ll be back in two weeks with Issue 002. Until then, you can submit news, tracks, memes, opinions and reviews to us for inclusion, or head over to the Jaded group this Sunday afternoon where we’ll be watching V/Plasm’s emergency Disruptors’ broadcast.

Be safe, stay home: the kitchen is your Jaded.