Amotik, famed for his slamming self-titled releases tinged with dark, basement grooves returns to Jaded this Sunday. Fadil caught up with him to discuss some of the tracks that influenced his sound.

​The recording of your 2016 set at Jaded is absolute fire. Can you tell us what impression you had of Jaded before playing, and if it changed after?

I used to live in London so I had partied at Jaded many times back in the day (at The End/Egg/Cable), but the set you mention above was my first Jaded experience at Corsica Studios. Back in 2016, I had a good idea what to expect (even though I hadn’t lived in London for a while) and the club more than lived up to it, so my impressions were very positive both before and after. The club was dark/loud/vibing – exactly what you need for a Sunday lunch time, and I feel that environment really suits my sound. Looking forward to a repeat on Sunday!

The Amotik releases all have a killer basement vibe. Do you have a personal favourite release and why?

Thank you. This might not be a great answer, but my favourite is always the next record I’m putting out, as I’m most excited about playing new music for the first time to gauge reactions.

Are there any particular tracks / labels that really inspired you in the early days?

Avus – Fancy Arse (James Holden Remix)

This track has such a good atmosphere, and I love the arrangement as it keeps things interesting throughout.

Regis – We Said No

Relentless, repetitive, and hooky.

Planetary Assault Systems – Rip The Cut

Another relentless one here – this one still does so much damage.

Dorian Gray – Nyctophilia (Edit Select Remix)

I found this track really inspirational when I started adding more melodic elements to my tracks – the pads are so warm, and I love the emotional touch it has.

LFO – LFO (Leeds warehouse mix)

A much older track (1990), but really stands the test of time.

What can we expect to hear from you this Sunday?

To be honest, I’m not really sure – I’ll come in at least an hour before I start to feel the vibe, and take it from there. I’m currently going through the process of re-cataloging my whole library in Rekordbox, so I can play by mood rather than getting lost in endless playlists. It’s still a bit new for me, but it’s definitely a more fun/spontaneous way to play.

What’s next for Amotik?

I’m just about to put AMTK009 into production as we speak, and am planning a remix EP for later in the year with some of my favourite producers, so I’m really looking forward to getting that out. My main focus is really on my label at the moment, so I’m keeping all my attention on that.

Amotik plays Jaded this Sunday Afternoon 1200-1500 following on from Reflec. If you haven’t already, jump on the £12 guest list or buy £10 tickets with no booking fee.