Ahead of today’s Bandcamp Friday, Jaded got lost in the supermarket. Our mission: find some fresh bangers (aside from the amazing trax we’ve premiered this month). Here are some of the gems we grabbed from the shelves…

Morph’s VA01 is wall to wall energy. Better yet, the Swedish label says that “..all profit from Morph Vol.1 goes to various funds helping protesters in the current situation in the US”

Detriti Records have released luscious, seductive EBM from Unconscious just in time for today. Warning: you’ll need some time to get lost in the whole album.

You’ll need to pre-order Warwick’s Do My Thing EP especially if you’re after the vinyl. As one Lobster Theremin follower says – it’s “perfect for building up or blowing up.” Total sacrilege, but for mix purposes, we’d probably pitch this one up just a little bit too! ;-)

GODEN’s contribution to Green Fetish’s Torture series channels “fucking hammers stalked by speed and horror” alongside phenomenal depth and quality of sound.

Tris’s contribution to EXTRA ENERGY VOL 1 is everything you’d expect from the gifted weaver of charged techno-trance. The new Berlin label’s byword is tolerance and it stands explicitly against racism, homophobia, transphobia and sexism.

Dowdzwell’s four track EP for D.A.V.E. The Drummer’s legendary London rave label Hydraulix promises dark pulsating synths and revered drops.

DJ DISRESPECT has brought heart-racing pressure to this amazing Glaswegian label. This is the fourth track from this riot of an EP, don’t leave it out of your wishlist.

And finally… okay it’s not one we haven’t heard before, but we just have to rule-break with High Speed Violence’s Stroberload EP. Perfect for home listening or the depths of the rave – our London synth-punk icon has created “an intense, emotionally driven EP with kick drums like you hear nowhere else.” (-AD†AM)