Remco Beekwilder, Janice (live), Stephanie Sykes, Raymundo Rodriguez and the First Floor crew join forces for the Jaded Summer Party 2018… There may be a few more surprises before Sunday 8th July too, so keep your eyes to the event for news, and if you haven’t already, grab special £10 tickets here.

Sweedish duo Gijensu make their UK debut at Jaded on Sunday 17th June. We caught up with them to chat about the Swedish scene, sneaking into clubs, and their early influences. So, this is the first time you’ve performed in the UK, how do you feel about this? We are both really excited to break … Continued

Jaded Bank Holidays are always apocalyptic, but the end really could be nigh this time as Manni Dee takes on Cressida. It should go a little something like this… If you haven’t already, grab £10 tickets with no booking fee here or jump on the £12 guest list.

This Sunday’s techno marathon with Thomas P Heckmann is set to be one of the most exhilarating dates of year. Check out the times for both rooms and you’ll see what we mean… Grab £10 tickets with no booking fee here.

Amotik, famed for his slamming self-titled releases tinged with dark, basement grooves returns to Jaded this Sunday. Fadil caught up with him to discuss some of the tracks that influenced his sound. ​The recording of your 2016 set at Jaded is absolute fire. Can you tell us what impression you had of Jaded before playing, … Continued

On Sunday 27th May, Jaded celebrates 5 years at Corsica Studios with a party that eyes the trip so far, as well as future-techno adventures to come. CLERIC (CLERGY, FIGURE) First up, head of C L E R G Y and sister label Projekts, Cleric. His mythical status at C/S arises from an incredible NYD … Continued

Our Jaded Room 2 Sessions Series kicks off with 3 hours from one of our new residents, James Newmarch. Irrepressible energy, a background in DnB, and a crazy love of acid techno all shine through. Tracklist 1. Panorama – Mars Bill 2. Sub Tropic – Endian 3. Sand – Yan Cook 4. Foss – Divali … Continued

Vincent Neumann’s notoriety has been steadily growing, in part thanks to his residency at Leipzig’s Distillery, much-discussed 10-hour closing sets in Berghain, and interesting mix titles. Fadil caught up with Vincent ahead of this Sunday’s 6-hour b2b with Stephanie Sykes. You’ve played at Jaded a number of times now, what has been your favourite moment? … Continued

With the release of Umwelt’s incredible Unpolished set, we’re dropping the first of our Jaded Summer ’18 bombs. Make sure you’re free on Sunday June 10th to witness the Corsica Studios debut we’ve all been dreaming about. Early £5 tickets here .

Remco Beekwilder will play a 3.5 hour afternoon set from 12:30pm until 4pm. He’s backed by the forces of Rodriguez x Stanford in Room 1. We envy all of you checking out Room 1’s incredible new F1 install for the first time this Sunday. Off Topic’s Room 2 takeover sees a strobe overload with BLAP, … Continued