Tracklist Reformed Society – untitled Slam – Cyclone Aahan – Venting ft The Dag ArchivOne – Tape 1 Kaylah – Concrete Kill Ref – Spasmo 8.1 Scalameriya – Ghoar Aahan – Becoming Progression UK – A Degenerate Mind Duellist – Sadistic Business Chantal – The Realm (Bloody Mary Remix) Kwartz Distorted Reality part two (VSK … Continued

Ahead of Sunday’s Prodigal Son mayhem with Ansome, Stephanie Sykes, Chris Stanford and the OFf Topic Crew, Ansome’s picked some bangers for the children of Jaded, no explanations. Here goes… Seeing as it’s S.L.A.M. banger special, we thought we’d just leave you with a flashback of this. Until Sunday!

Listen to a rare recording of Raymundo Rodriguez, as he nonchalently pillaged Corsica Studios’ Room 1 on Sunday 11th June. Cover plundered from A K I R A.

Listen to rare recording of Chris Stanford, taken from his set to a pumped Room 1 on Sunday 3rd June.