On Sunday 20th October, Jaded, Prodigal Son, and Орфей are one. Ahead of their debut takeover, we caught up with ØTTA, P RISCO, Olha Korovina and Metaraph to find out about their journey so far and the wonder yet to come…

Tell us about how you guys came together to form Oрфей?

Орфей has been brought to reality by us, ØTTA, P RISCO, Metaraph and Olha Korovina. We are an international team of ravers, friends and artists that have been exploring the limits of expression through music, performance art, fashion, written word and visual arts. After years of organizing parties with other collectives and being immersed in London underground techno scene we have decided to create a more free environment to promote emerging underground artists and challenge the forms in which electronic music can be experienced.

Can you explain the ethos behind Oрфей and tell us more about photographic project you’ve released leading up to Sunday?

Орфей ethos and philosophy is to present multidimensional rave experience communicated through hard, raw, melodic and industrial sounds and elaborated conceptual constructions. Every event is curated following a certain narrative or focusing on specific concept that will lead you on a synergetic journey. We believe that we can use multidisciplinary arts as our tool to express higher concepts and create contexts that add new dimensions to electronic music.

For this upcoming Sunday at Jaded which we are very looking forward to, we wanted to explore and show that Jaded is a space of equality, for everyone with no exclusions and with this in mind we looked at the idea of Symbiosis to evoke the feeling of unity. WE ARE ONE – is the headline of the shoot which we have produced to express this idea by capturing opposites/ different types of people together to show that there are no labels, no associations, no preconceptions of identity, gender, race, sexuality. By taking the concept of Symbiosis to Corsica Studios we want to construct a safe space for transcending community as a collective reality, open to any kind of self expression.

Where can we discover you after Sunday, and can you tell us about your future plans?

After this blasting Sunday at Jaded, Орфей is going to Paris where we will be organizing an event in collaboration with Demain Kollectiv on the 9th of November! We are more than happy that Орфей is starting to make its first steps outside London especially collaborating with such great artists. Shortly after Paris we will be back in London with our next events, so stay in touch for updates. Our future plans include spreading our philosophy and our idea of rave, collaborating with great like minded artists, exploring new ways of transmitting music, keeping our community and expanding the boundaries, be it geographical, conceptual or the boundaries of expression.

Over to you Орфей, choose your weapons…

Olha Korovina