This Sunday sees Corsica Studios’ Room 2 transformed into an illicit electro sweatbox, and we could not be more excited. When your face has fully melted and reality has become a distant dream, there’ll be just one person to blame: Hüb.

Hi Mattia, Thank you for bringing us Sunday’s Room 2 takeover. Can you share some of the weaponry you’ve been dying to unleash through the speaker-wall?

Zeta Reticula – Reticulum [ELECTRIX010]

Dez Williams – Drakonia [KILLEKILL 025]

Dynamik Bass System – Robotmachine

Can you introduce us the crew you’re bringing along for the ride?

Cramp is a recognized rising name in the Rhur area’s music scene. His sound ranges from techno, electro to EBM and has seen him play the likes of Tresor and Rote Sonne.

Cramp – Sleep [PRFY002]

Time Traveler is a dramatic figure, known for his punk attitude in the DJ booth whilst playing in some of the most infamous European clubs. His wide tastes range from the Old Rave sound to the Industrial, always recklessly defined by a Heavy Metal sound the Artist never regretted to show. His Music production includes relevant remixes from the Techno Masters as the like of Dave Clarke, Bas Mooy, Detroit Techno Militia, and many others.

Time Traveler – Showing Incisors [OBSCRV001]

Not Mass’ musical selection spans across Acid to Electro, from the grooving Old School, right up to the most experimental and industrial sounds. He takes his inspiration from the pioneers – Karl O’Connor aka Regis, Surgeon, BMB, Female, Talker, JK Flesh, NX1.

Not Mass – Stop my Groove

Finally Mattia, do you have a warning for the children of Jaded?


You heard him, children.

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