After the scenes and mayhem of Ismus x Jaded at Griessmuehle, we couldn’t wait to call up our Berlin brothers and get them over for one almighty return celebration. We caught up with ressies I.E and TooMuch earlier this week to discover what they have in store…

Hi Jonny and Tyler, we can’t wait for round III of the Ismus and Jaded carnage this Sunday. For those who’ve not yet danced with you guys, can you describe the spirit of Ismus?

We are really buzzed to be back in London for Round III of Ismus x Jaded. For those who don’t know what to expect, we will be bring high octane and fast-paced techno with plenty of trance and hard-style influences: just how we like it! We’ll have plenty of new music from fresh faces to give everyone a good kicking on the floor!

This time out, you’re bringing along label mates TRYM and Tim Tama. Do you have a warning for the children of Jaded about what’s about to go down?

Tim Tama has played at Jaded before so expect the usual high energy and dreamscape-like techno from him. He’s always brought the artillery for the parties he’s played in Berlin for us! He knows exactly what we are all about. i.e. he’s gonna slay it!

Trym is making his Jaded debut and it will be one to remember for sure! We made Trym one of our residents for a reason. Last time he played for us in Berlin he took it to a different level and I think the dust is still settling from his set! Its going to be intense from the get-go from our Sparkling Water Boy.

Over to you Johnny and Tyler, choose your weapons…

Gijensu – Red Tooth Disrtrict (Ismus)

Cristian Marras – Hombret (Schacke Remix) (Rebels Conspiracy)

Lund & Ronde – Boost (Space Trax)

Remco Beekwilder – Uganda Streets (Emerald)

BK – Revolution (Nukleuz)

Introversion – Onryo (Arts)