Hi and welcome to Issue 02 of the Technozine. In this issue, we have three insane exclusive mixes from Minimum Syndat, Ethan Fawkes and Helrad. Premieres that range from hi-octane techno to electro from Soma Records’ new sub label, and label profiles and interviews with some of the main characters of modern day techno. Lastly, we focus on a campaign close to our hearts – Good Night Out and speak to founder Bryony.Thanks to Avoidant, Bryony, Ceili, Duellist, Ethan Fawkes, Fluctuat Records, Good Night Out Campaign, JoeFarr, Kaylah, Kronos Device, Lam Singe, Minimum Syndicat, Teokad, Trialz, and Voight-Kampff.

We begin Issue 02 with French label and live duo Minimum Syndicat, who recorded a rare DJ set. Ray caught up with them for a chat earlier this week…

Hey guys thank you for the mix! Being predominantly a live act, does that reflect on how you put a mix like this together?

MS : I think we approached it in the same way, we try to build our live performances : with a narrative, story-telling and quality. It means different styles and moods, more introspective parts vs full-on sonic onslaughts etc. Also we don’t fear to lower the intensity level for a while if it serves the story. Which would be riskier in a gig context…

>Is there a contrast in the sounds and atmosphere you aim to create when playing a club gig compared to the larger events like Soenda and Awakenings?

MS : Not really, i think our sound can work in both contexts. Of course we have tracks that have that big arena feel, but we learnt that even small basements can be turned into a rave cathedral with the right sound system, music and people… or maybe your own home during quarantine ?

>We are loving your recent Underground Activities EP, can you give us hint about any other forthcoming releases on your label and any other new minimum syndicat releases or remixes we should look out for?

MS : Glad you like it ! Actually we were finishing our first full lenght album before this covid-19 shit hit Europe. Now we’ll have to wait for better times to give it the proper release it deserves. We have also some remixes and tracks to come on different labels. Schedules are totally messed up now, so we’ll see how it comes.


Minimum Syndicat – Jaded Techno Zine Playlist

Kosmozo – Squinted Eyes
Isabella – Rattle
W1B0 – Small_Increments
Blusher – Stuxrunner Resin
Rvde – CNCB
Steve Bicknell – Track 12
Locked Club – Punk Navsegda
MinimumSyndicat – DX Renegade
Machino -Don’t Stress
ØRGIE – Reine Des Astres
Locked Club – Nega Arashi feat. RLGN
Dusty Angel – Acid Bitch
ORPHX – Vanishing Point
autokinetic – pterodactyl
surgeon – hostages_of_the_deep
Sleeparchive – Multicolored Works
Jerome Hill – Drumwar
Trip Commando – Cross The White (Minimum Syndicat rmx)
Fifth Era – Untitled (Raum 107 & Kompressor RMX)
St. Theodore – Last Dance