Jaded: Hi Tyrant, thank you very much for making this odyssey of hard and fast beats to start our 2020. Could you describe your artistic influences and your journey into techno for our listeners?

Tyrant: I would describe my style as aggressive, rough and sinister. As i’m mainly inspired by the older styles of industrial hardcore, I constantly find myself surrounded by this deep rumbling bass. When I produce, I aim to make something that isn’t already there, something new, something never heard before.

I do however get inspiration from many different types of artists like AnD, Dep Affect, Cubic Nomad, DJ Rush and many more. Overall I turn to the harder side because I just feel like my soul belongs there more. Dancing to techno, I always craved for the hardest of the hardest, but couldn’t always find what I was looking for. This pushed me to just start experiment and practicing making my own tunes.

Jaded: What’s next for you and what do you hope 2020 will bring?

Tyrant: For 2020, I already have a bunch of releases planned. For now i can’t drop any news, but things will be fun. As I’m becoming a daddy this year I’ll probably have a very tight schedule , so for now, i’m just trying to get as much done before the baby is here. The grind never stops though.