Disruptor 030 is a master of the UK techno banger. A monster VA release on his own Khazad Records is poised to destroy all proper dance floor re-openings. In this 2h mix, his lush but lethal style gets to work.You can hear just how he pins crowds to the dance floor for hours at a time with frequently changing moods and challenging styles.

Jaded: Hi Alex, As a leading light of the Northern Techno new-school, can you tell us about your local scene?

Balrog: Unfortunately the local scene around Leeds is pretty lacking apart from a few small parties, certainly nothing industrial. However I see Manchester as my 2nd home and the scene there is kicking off and I am developing an event series their called Sulphur which will be a great way to showcase local talent.

Jaded: How did you hone that lush but lethal sound, and what are your musical influences?

Balrog: My sound has been developed over the last 3 years from very broad influences. Musically my background was first in Metal, then DnB and House and now Techno but I listen to everything in between. For me the industrial sound is my main focus but I want to maintain a distinct groove to my tracks and mixes. If I am playing and you can’t dance then I have fucked up in my opinion.

Jaded: How have you been occupying yourself this March, and do you have any lockdown survival tips for your Jaded mates near and far?

I have been occupying myself during lockdown as I would in any other situation by sweating it out on Ableton. Like most producers, the idea of being locked away and having very little commitments is a good excuse to make more music. My top lockdown tips would be to maintain a routine if you are producing, take the opportunity to discover new music and artists and make sure your desk chair is properly adjusted to the right hight so you don’t get backache.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

Release-wise this will be a huge year for me. I am releasing some big EP’s on labels such as Coup, Occult Rhythms, Pitch Dark and some more I can’t comment on yet. There will also be a flurry of single releases most of which are out right now and have received some amazing support. Also keep an eye on my label Khazad Records, our first VA will be released next week and the tracks on there showcase some of the hottest talent about right now.