Hi Luca! Thanks for being with us on this very first issue of our fanzine. (We are gigantic Helrad Limited fans!) and for sharing this premiere of A Birth Defect’s ‘Burning Skies’ with us.

Hi Jaded! Thanks for having me and congratulations for your fantastic parties and your techno mission in the U.K.

Jaded: Helrad Limited, the Scottish techno scene and our local UK artists are firing up dance floors around the world at the moment. Can you tell us about some of the key local artists that inspire you personally, and can you give us your insight of the explosion that’s happening now?

Helrad: I perform under the name ‘Helrad’ and my label is ‘Helrad Limited’ I’ve been based in Scotland for 3 years now, but I was born and grew up in Naples, where the techno scene influenced me during my childhood. I have been always been fascinated by the UK and Scottish music scene. From Scotland, I really like Slam, Funk D Void, Percy X, Edit Select, Petrichor, Clouds, Island People and Animal Farm. In the U.K. I am a big fan of Joefarr, Rebekah and Perc.

The explosion of this phenomenon is due to several factors, for me, they are the wide range of music backgrounds and cultures here. The number of quality parties every week – it means stimulus for people. The warmth of the local crowd – they are emotional and the music is a projection of their passion and soul. Finally economic and social factors can affect your sound in my opinion, but it’s not a rule.

Jaded: Could you describe the ethos and sound of Helrad for our listeners?

The key themes behind my productions and my label are… Personality – my tracks and the music that I choose for the label have to touch my soul. A solid and heavy groove is paramount. I try to have wide-ranging catalog with different styes every time. Great mastering is absolutely key – (thanks Joefarr for your super mastering and for inspiring me with your productions). Finally – Helrad Limited is a meritocracy: I mean , if I get some demos I simply put my headphones on, I close my eyes and that’s it. If the music is emotional, and there is a solid groove I will take the tracks and I will contact the producers soon, on average in one week.

Jaded: How did you find A Birth Defect – and what are the qualities that you look out for when you sign a track to the label?

Helrad: A Birth defect send me some great tracks (thanks guys!) and I chose 3 of them with different styles that I liked. More recently I took a more risky experimental track with acoustic drums and a guitar played live inside because I am happy to release different music at all times. This track has been produced with a new producer ‘Unholy Existence’. I was attracted by their style and their personality.

When I am selecting tracks for my label, I am always looking for individuality, identity, character and a heavy groove. My criteria is very simple because is based on meritocracy and I want to give an opportunity to all. I am brutal when it comes to releasing my own output: the tracks have to be different in style at all times. This is purely down to my enjoyment of this approach – it’s not a rule, it’s just my vision. Music for me is 100% passion and true love.

Thank you Luca!

Mille grazie!