Photo: T/W/B x SNTS Showcase at RIMBU

Hi 74185#! Thank you for bringing T/W/B to Corsica Studios this Sunday. We can’t wait to give you the proper Jaded hero’s welcome. Looking back through all 20 releases since 2015 was emotive for us. So many have become classics on our dance floor and well beyond. What was your overall vision for T/W/B when you started out?

At first, I’m glad that the track we made give you emotions, that’s the most important point! At the beginning, I really wanted put a new wave of artists in front of the scene. I spotted this new talented artist on soundcloud and nobody released them, I was like “I need to create something new with this guys”. T/W/B was a springboard for this new artists.

Can you tell us something about your vision for the label for the next 4 years?

For the next 4 years, I really want to keep the philosophy like the beginning. I will continue to release some new faces and combine them with experienced artists. Actually, you can see that no release was out for some months. It’s only because I waiting the good tracks that really representing the vibe of T/W/B. I absolutely do not want to disappoint those who have been listening to us for a long time. I think that it’s important to always keep quality and not release EP after EP without any sense.

If you had to share just 6 classics that represent T/W/B for the uninitiated, what would they be?

It’s hard to choose ! But I think these 6 tracks are T/W/B classics !

RVDE – 90s Hammer

Because the vibe RVDE give into this track is purely T/W/B, everybody that follow the label since the beginnings love this track!

KRTM – Touch Me

KRTM add a new dimension to T/W/B, and this track represent perfectly what he brought it to the label. One of my favorite Techno track so far.

I HATE MODELS – Don’t be afraid of the light

One of EP that worked too well on T / W / B, before being removed from youtube.
This piece perfectly represents the artistic transition that I HATE MODELS had between the industrial techno and the emotional vibe.
I absolutely love it. I think it’s a T / W / B classic for sure!


Anthro is in the crew since the beginning and this track represent perfectly the vibe of the first T/W/B releases. Definitely a T/W/B classic !

FALHABER – Baptised

How to talk about T / W / B without falhaber ? This track is on the first EP release on the label, TWB001. Same, Josey (Falhaber) he’s here from the beginning and make the history of T/W/B.

REZYSTOR – Tear Off Your Face

4 july 2015, the first track released on T/W/B. The launch of the label. I had to quote this piece. What memories … And he still very good!
Unfortunately no place to put some others classics… but I still have a lot in mind!

The artwork for T/W/B is so powerful. Can you tell us about your visual influences?

Artwork are completely linked to the music. Maxime Charton aka Roche Noire is the perfect digital artist to make that. He’s open to any ideas, and he proposes a lot of concept. No seriously… he’s brilliant.
The visual influence is from the music that we want to show! Every covers are made to represents as the best is possible the tracks that contain EPs.

Finally, do you have a warning for the Children Of Jaded? What can they expect from you and [KRTM] this Sunday?

Come absolutely catch our unique vibes at the Corsica studios! We will put all our energy into the crowd to make an epic party! You will hear a lot of unreleased tracks! And besides that, live in London and miss a Jaded event? NO WAY!