We at Jaded have been excited to see our friend and beloved Londoner P RISCO starting his Chronicles Records label and releasing EP01 with a promising contemporary – 6EJOU. Ahead of his video and track premiere, we caught up with Antonio to find out more…

JADED: Pandæmonio is your first release on Chronicles Records – can describe the ethos and aesthetic of the label?

P RISCO: Chronicles Records was born from an intense and deep need to provide a truly sensational visual and sound sensory experience. Chronicles Records, is a new label based in East London, focused on hard and fast techno with a touch of industrial rave and acid shade.

JADED: Your first collaborators are 6EJOU and videographer Agypnia. Can you tell us about your creative relationship and how you were drawn together to create this release?

P RISCO: 6EJOU is one of the artists I usually look for when I do music research, his name has always been on my list since I know his music. We are genuinely well connected which is something important for me as a person to be able to share my creativity. 6EJOU is an amazing artist and also a great person.

Pandæmonio is also an audio-visual collaboration between Agrypnia and me. Agrypnia is a Lithuanian born and London based multimedia artist, mostly focusing on video medium. I met Agrypnia through her visual art and I was impressed by her abstract process. Creative collaborations only work if both people bring their own perspective to the project and since we explore similar topics through different mediums it felt completely natural to create something together. My music inspired Agrypnia to do a visual story that explores different topics and views. The Video is a dream-like portrayal of self’s relationship with the concepts of the internet and online culture, social media, surveillance society, AI, dream symbols, synchronicity, consciousness and subconsciousness, detachment from ‘reality’, bipolar disorder, gender norms and connectivity, similar to mycelium’s symbiotic relationship with plants. The main character in a video is a genderless and ageless human-like individual. They are being stalked by the expectations and projection of others, other’s perceptions of ‘reality’ and bats. Bat as a dream symbol represents death, darkness, reborn and the perception of things that others cannot see, similar to some experiences that humans feel but cannot explain.

This collaboration was supposed to be a part of a Promethean Art Collective exhibition Mycelium, shown at The Baths Gallery London, unfortunately the exhibition has been postponed due to coronavirus.