London upstart IMOGEN steps up to master of the Berghain closing set – Vincent Neumann this Sunday morning. Making her Corsica Studios room 1 debut, she has a unique style that is ALL Jaded. You’ll hear lots of broken drums, EBM, electro and hypnotic techno.

An inspiration for aspiring artists – she already has two popular event series under her belt, as well as holding down a residency with Radar Radio where she welcomed the likes of Rebekah & Paula Temple. Since quitting the station, she’s appeared on Rinse FM on Hodge’s popular show. Most exciting of all – incendiary IMOGEN releases are headed our way.

Hi Imogen, Thank you for taking time out to chat to us ahead of Sunday’s gig. In the space of just a couple of years, you’ve gone from production college to playing major gigs at the most respected clubs and festivals. Are there some highlights of the journey so far you can share with us?

Hey, really looking forward to playing Sunday! Things have gone pretty fast recently and I’ve loved it all but I have to say my biggest highlight was playing Berghain. I was waiting to go visit Berlin so for my first time there to be playing was such an amazing feeling, I thought the crowd was wicked and closing meant I could just go for it. Another great moment has to be being invited to open the trip stage at Dimensions! Nina Kraviz has always been someone that I’ve looked up to massively in the scene and just last year I remember I couldn’t even afford a ticket to go to the trip party haha. So a year on to be playing for the label is something I never really imagined and I am honoured to be alongside their artists.

Starting out at 16, who were the artists / labels inspiring your journey, and did you get to invite any of them onto your radio show? Is there a piece of advice you’d give to artists starting out today?

When I came to London to study that’s when I started listening to a lot more techno. I really loved Zenker Brothers and the Ilian Tape crew I remember when I first came here going to their showcase at Fabric which was really inspiring to hear such a wide range of genres go so well together. I now find most my inspiration from labels like Scalameriya’s Genesa records or Umwelt’s rave or die. Umwelt was one of my guests on Radar which was so fun! I loved doing my shows so much, having a variation of guests from Sync 24 to Paula Temple I was able to present my favourite artists whilst playing music that I wouldn’t necessarily play in the club!

Advice to young people starting out today is that consistent content is so important any mixes on soundcloud or wherever you never know who may be listening :) Also to be true to yourself if you have a different sound push that, don’t try to fit in the latest wave of music!

We found you via our dear friends from the Altered Voltage crew. Can you tell us about this and the raves you love to attend on your nights off?

Aw they are great guys and have started something really good with Altered Voltage! I love THEM nights they are always great fun and of course Jaded!! In London I’m always so spoilt for choice, there’s so many good nights on every weekend. I love Five Miles and E1, great spots. :)

We were lucky enough to preview some mind-blowing new tracks of yours. Any clues as to how / when they’ll be released that you can drop?

I can’t give much away but my first release will be out later this year, an EP shared with my favourite artists! Then something out early next year too maybe I will try to squeeze something else out this year but for now I am just trying to write a lot more music and really focus on sound design.

Finally, you’ll be stepping up at 9am this Sunday morning – what can we expect from your set, and do you have a pre-match message for Vincent?

Some new bits from me that I want to test out and I’ve been sent some great music from people that I can’t wait to play. In my sets I prefer to mix it up and give people something they don’t expect instead of keeping at the same level, playing for three hours too means I can build at the beginning. And Vincent… May the best kick drum win :D

Join us to cheer IMOGEN on as she steps up at 0900 this Sunday. Vincent takes the floor at midday.