We’re buzzing to bring you the Jaded Disruptors’ Podcast. This will be the start of regular live recordings from the proponents who are shaking up our scene. Focusing on rising talent and celebrating the brightest of the UK scene and beyond. It all begins with Veronique…

Veronique is a fierce and uncompromising musician and ambitious promotor from Poznan (Poland). She is the founder of collective and series of events The Meaning Of Rave and Femme Fatale PL.

With roots as a singer, guitarist, pianist and acting school graduate, her love of electronic music has developed over the last 3 years, during this time, she’s supported I Hate Models, Stranger & H├ęctor Oaks in her native Poland. 2019 has seen her Tresor debut, as well as one of the fiercest Jaded debuts so far.

Veronique has a very versatile taste in music, a rave style with distinct and strong kicks with acid, trance, industrial sounds and emotional melody.

FP: www.facebook.com/veroniquepoland/
SC: @veroniquepoland