The Disruptors’ Podcast is Jaded’s series of live recordings from the proponents who are shaking up our scene. 002 sees Rephate provide 2 hours of ferocity from the depths of rave.

The young producer and DJ from Braga, Portugal has released on HARD VISION, Voight-Kampff, and Blacklapse, the label he founded in 2018.

Blacklapse’s manifesto sets out everything you need to know about Rephate’s sound. “We want techno with blood, techno that makes us turn in our skin, techno that makes us exorcize our inner demons. We want techno with emotional oscillations and with love. We want techno with all the elements that make us move all parts of our body.”

Rephate @rephate
Blacklapse @blacklapse-records

Photo credit @nemcaonemurso_photography