It’s our second week of bringing you Kaylah’s bangers from the lockdown bunker, and we know all our friends can relate to the selfie. He says – “This is what happens when you spend all day every day making music.”

Here are Kaylah’s picks of this week’s new releases…

1. Danilo Incorvaia – Eye For An Eye
Great vibe to this track awesome reese bassline running through it perfect peak time banger (Emerald)

2. Joshua Corallini – Dead Or Alive
Proper techno at its finest, awesome bleeps going off all over the place heavy kicks big basslines, it has everything you could want.

3. Dahryl – Don’t Breathe (Melt Trax)
Banging kicks sick groove going on it’s Dahryl doing what he does best
Will definitely being destroying dance floors everywhere when we are all allowed back outside

The creativity and togetherness of lockdown are getting us through the day here, so keep at it techno crew! More Kaylah bangers on their way next week in Issue 2 of the technozine.