We begin Issue 01 and a new era of techno fandom with the master of hypnotic techno – Pfirter and his MindTrip label. Always ahead of the curve but timeless; tracks like ‘The Fall Of The Empire Is Imminent’ defined the era. With EPs like his current joint with Oliver Rosemann – ‘Alpha’, we know that MindTrip will be pushing the forefront of our scene well into the future…

Jaded: Hi Juan Pablo! Can you describe the ethos of MindTrip? What made you decide to found the label?

Pfirter: MindTrip aims to share what we consider high quality danceable music made with passion. That’s the whole thing behind the label :)

Jaded: What are the values you look for when signing new music – can you pick out key tracks that exemplify this for us?

Pfirter: The main values to me as a label owner when signing music from other artists are: good music, good production and sharing a similar vision with the new artists. I look at music and at my label with a long-term view and to me it’s very important to work with people that have a commitment with what they do besides the business side or the change of drifts.

Some particularly good examples can be found in releases from Jeroen Search, Oscar Mulero, Diego Amura or Dold. Besides their talent as artists there’s an integrity in what they do that motivates me to collaborate.

Jaded: Tell us what’s coming next?

Pfirter: We just released our latest EP by Belgian duo PTTRN, and there’s several releases on this first half of 2020 by the likes of Nørbak, Operator, there’s a split ep between Kr!z and myself on its way too, an EP by Argentinian duo Translate & Pulso and more!