This Sunday, Jaded welcomes back the entire Sticky Ground crew and they’re on a mission to make you dance and lose control. Fadil caught up with Küetzal to find out more about the ethos behind one the most shining London techno labels around…

Before you’ve even heard any of the tunes, Sticky Ground’s awesome design jumps out at you. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the aesthetic, andabel?

We wanted to promote (and produce) pounding music with a right amount of dirty and distorted sounds, processes that technically colour up the sounds harmonically speaking, So I guess it came pretty natural to describe our artworks with similar adjectives. We were also very lucky to find two great artists like Spugna & Cammello to curate our work, they have similar style but a clear different trait that makes every artwork pretty unique.. They have been great and never let us down on each release.

All Sticky Ground’s releases are digital and cassette. What attracts you to these formats?

We always wanted to print our music on physical support also because with those artworks it would have made a great item to have and collect. However, we realised that choosing vinyl for us was a hard choice to keep up with at the begin of things, also because we were releasing small artists like us or most of the thirds that we have been focusing on atm. Such an investment like vinyl was a big risk to face, since we all work to fund our label, we thought that tape cassettes would have been a less expensive and still great way to have a physical support for our music, and meanwhile to craft our identity first before focusing on vinyl releases and go to the next level once ready for it. Our Manufacturer has been amazing with providing beautiful choices with these releases and the future ones

Your Sticky Ground 02 release is great. Do you mind telling us about your production set-up?

I like to sample a lot from the gear that we have at home (which is also Sticky Ground’s home since I share it with Curled & Sancta Sanctorum). I use stuff like Vermona drum machine and a bunch of pedals for example, But mostly I do my sound crafting on DAW sometimes playing keyboards or synthesisers (dx7 for example) and I like to sample from tracks and albums that we have in our collection.

As well as brilliant releases by yourself, Curled and Sancta Sanctorum, you’ve put out tracks from Empyrean, FLMM and remixed by Casper Hastings. How did these come about?

This question actually brings me up to how everything started: We made friends with FLmm and Empyrean back when Sticky wasn’t yet born, through Pls.Uk VA I got my first release, along with SS and his old project HONO. They helped us a lot getting familiar with the ambience also by calling us up to play at showcases. We worked together a lot at the birth of Sticky although now our roads have come to run on different paths. Regarding Casper I think his music simply speaks for him: we absolutely love his sound, both on production and on the decks. We are super happy to have him on board.

You’ve played Jaded a number of times now, what do you like about the party?

Every time I get there it literally feels like home, from way before my first time djing there. I actually think I could walk into Jaded blindfolded and without checking the lineup and have an amazing time. It’s such an assurance. Talking about a quality and not just music-wise, but also the crowd, it makes you feel like you walk in your second home. That happens just when passion also lies behind the curtains of the organisation, who makes always good things happen. That’s why I am so grateful about playing there every single time I get a chance, It’s always great fun to say the least!

What are some of your favourite tracks at the moment?

I’m really liking R0swell latest works, I always play his track “Maintain the Pressure” in the last year and I got pretty impressed with his new stuff too. Also really like track like “Metropolis” by Lars Huisman, and listened to some of his releases to come, really good stuff. Talking about Sticky I have to say “that shit that killed Prince” by Leafeater is a track that I really enjoy listening to.

What’s next for Sticky Ground?

We have quite an interesting year ahead with lots music, Eps by Curled, Leafeater, Klankman, Scenedrone, SCase, Sancta Sanctorum and me as Küetzal, plus vinyl is very close
I can also say that there will be some Leaks dripping from Sticky Ground…

It all kicks off at 6am this Sunday morning, if you haven’t already, jump on the £12 guest list here or grab £10 tickets