This is our 2nd Premiere from the Khazad Records Various Artists Vol.01, and it is also one of Jaded resident Raymundo Rodriguez’s picks from the release.

“This one ticks all the boxes for me, it has that main room Techno pace, but with those killer EBM type sounds that I am completely hooked on at the moment.”

Khazad Records are proud to present their first various artists compilation. They have assembled 22 of the most promising and exciting artists from around Europe to provide this monster selection of tracks. It evokes the very essence of Khazad Records with a focus on ear-splitting, gritty and industrialised techno with neorave undertones running throughout.

Artist: Grace Dahl
Album: Khazad Records Various Artists Vol.01
Release date: 09/04/2020
Label: Khazad Records
Mastering: Mickey Nox
Artwork: Purified By Satan
Label Soundcloud: @khazadrecords
Label Bandcamp: