Hot damn this is a banger from the Netil, Threads & Vandelay resident. Part of Ceili’s belting second VA.


Various Artist – Speed Bumps (CEILI 0.2)

Ceili curates another head-rush compilation of squirming, writhing, fizzling techno on ‘Speed Bumps’, the second VA on his self-titled imprint. This second edition takes a more alternative perspective on todays highly scattered electronic scene, dragging in smaller talents alongside more prominent names laying their hand to less-ordinary and a more scrunched sound palette. The 16 track compilation comes wound to a limited VA cassette across 90 minutes of unpopular techno-trash essentials from the seething opening A, to brain-dancing crunch, to the earthward closing B.

This time tripling in mass, the release pulls together a neat little gang of electronic cable-fiddlers. Speed Bumps contains a wide array of audio beat-science thanks to the 18 contributing artists pushing 2020’s headway techno. Bouncing between techno, IDM, industrial, breakbeat, hardcore and wavy noise. The compilation includes noted contributions from DJ KETAFLUSH, Tom Hang, Oneyra, DJ Whipr Snipr and Oleka, alongside a host of new talent plus collective head Ceili.