This Sunday 4th February, JKS & Mayeul return to Corsica Studios. They and Molekül, (the label they formed together with Airod and Khoegma), are inspiring a merciless energy and a renewed love of all things rave at Jaded and well beyond… Molekül 012’s release later this month promises tracks from Myler, Thomas P Heckmann and D. Carbone as well as this.

With a sound so rooted in the UK dance culture, we were thrilled when they told us they’d selected their all-time tracks for the Jaded blog. Listen up, this is the only way to prepare for what is to come.

First up, JKS…

3000003 – Nutmeg // [ROOST 1] (1995, UK)

Roost Records, UK based Techno/Trance label. First release but my favorite, pure evolution on this track.

The Ladder – Impossible Mission // [RW006] (1996, UK)

This one contains all that I love : awesome work on 303s, trance ambiance and perfect groove with original sonorities.

Humanoid – Stakker Humanoid (Krafty Kuts Mix) // [12TOT 43] (2001, UK)

At the first listening, this vocoder reminded me that i was a Daft Punk fan when I was a teenager. Heavy electro/acid vibe!

Over to Mayeul…

Secret Hero – Build Up The Pressure
// [S.U.F.37] (1998, UK)

It’s an hard task to pick a single track from Stay Up Forever Records, or one of their many sublabels. I’ll go with this one produced by Secret Hero a.k.a D.A.V.E The Drummer. Pounding and heavy energy that leaves no survivors behind !

Chris McCormack ‎– There Are Better Ways [POT010] (2001, UK)

One of my favourite examples of the Rave side of Techno ! Clever sampling with a thumping 909 kick and a fast-paced groove.

House Of Brakes – Acid Drill // [SV304] (2002, UK)

One of DMX Crew’s many aliases. I love the breakbeat vibe on this one. That’s the kind of track that gets you in a good mood for the day when you get up in the morning.

You said it, Mayeul. Catch these two playing from midday until 3pm, with Raymundo Rodriguez and Jules Wyl starting things off in Room 1. Over in Room 2, Possession take over with a line up that softly screams EBM: Proteus, Tom Unlikey, High Speed Violence and Tublord.

Tickets with no booking fee here.