Earlier this month, Ethan Fawkes released his follow up to ‘Hoovers & Stabs,’ a futuristic exploration entitled ‘Direction Kepler-11’. At first listen it’s a cross between a sci fi film score and the 90s rave you daydream about time travelling to: A foray into every shade of 90s dance music that sounds fresh and challenging.

‘Dive Into A Vortex’ sets the scene, plunging the dance floor into an evangelical dystopia complete with spoken word from Ethan that makes you wish you could conjure him up during one of his festival sets. ‘Through A Nebula‘ has all the coveted Fawkes elements – crowd noise, 90s breaks, sirens and a broken rave-gospel vocal.

Ethan is the master of his Rave EBM genre, so picking a favourite track is a bit like being asked to choose a favourite child. Ray is going for ‘Beyond Wolf‘ – but we reckon any track you pick from this album will be the secret weapon that will elevate an exciting mix to memorable perfection.

Speaking of legendary mixes, here he is with a special Direction Kepler-11 recording for the Technozine.

Don’t wait until 1st May – you can buy the whole thing and stream full tracks right now on Bandcamp.