The Children Of Jaded unleash bone-crushing rave pressure for Stroberload Volume Two. Five anarchic trax that will inspire the full chaos and beauty of Sunday morning, 10am in South London.

1. AD†AM – Unhealthy Love
3. Kaylah – Towerblock Dreams
4. Melissa D’Lima – We Don’t Have To Ruin The Memories
5. CRZY D – Distorted Emotions

Feedback for Stroberload Volume Two
Crystal Geometry “Fast & furious”
Dax J “10/10 great thanks!”
Balrog “Heavy-hitting & high energy bangers”
Francois X “Dopeee!”
DYEN “niceeee guysss”
Clara Cuve “10/10, amazing tracks!!”
Don Woezik “Love the vibes in this VA.”

Supported by:
Balrog, Clara Cuve, Crystal Geometry, Dax J, Francois X, Dyen, Dist, Don Woezik, Echoes Of October, Ethan Fawkes, Helrad, Kenny Campbell, Orde Meikle [Slam], Modular Phaze, Sari Postol, Stephanie Sykes, VishScale, Whitley

Release: Thursday 8th October 2020
With thanks to Milan at Masterworks Audio.
released October 4, 2020