Brace yourselves Room 2 crew: the entire Apogee crew (Abstraction, Goat, & Pete and Eddie A.K.A. A Lesson In Physical Education) are taking over. We asked them to dish up a few of their ultimate breakfast bangers ahead of Sunday service.


DJ Ze Mig.L – Mr Nice Guy

Ridiculous 10min analogue live Techno jam recorded in one take back in ‘99 – nothing short of dance floor destruction for the full duration.

Teste – Foaming At The Mouth

Dark, moody, heads down, droning techno from the legendary Teste in their first original joint release for 25 years. Guaranteed to tip you over the edge.

Manni Dee – Gulabi Gang

A high energy rave weapon aimed squarely at the dance floor loor from Wolverhampton’s finest, strap in and enjoy.


Nemisis – Analyse

Absolutely slamming hardcore techno tune that will rip the dancefloor a new one.

M.I.K.E. vs John ’00’ Fleming – Ice Cream (John ’00’ Fleming Remix)

This has to be one of the creepiest trance tunes I’ve ever heard, high quality trance with fat basslines and pumping kicks throughout.

Container – Drain

From the new container LP… what a ripper.



JoeFarr & J.Tijn – Mustard Sucker

This funk’d up wonker takes you to the depths of a hole in its breakdown before slapping you right in the face with piercing high hats and a stonking 4×4 kick. Huge release on Power Vaccum!

Paul Birken – Rocky Vs Apollo

The man’s a genius, his sound design is like no other, kicks fatter than most systems can handle but oh lord I cannot wait to hear it in R2 of church on sunday, how it is supposed to be herd!

Illektrolab – Heavy Hitter

Waitin’ patiently in my dark, damp basement for a vinyl release on this, big electro percussion coming through with a rolling wiggy bass, giving my subs a strenuous cardio-vascular workout, a high pitched melody comes in giving me shivers up my spinal column. Lets ‘Ave it Jaded.


Herva – Slam The Laptop

Moody belter, also a favourite track of Apogee’s resident pet…. Goat!

Acid fucker – Silent Breed

Bit of a shoulder bopper and produced under one of the numerous alias’s of TP Heckmann, the absolute don.

Dragon Fly – Smoke it

Smoke it, drink it, sniff it, eat it!! Just give it a listen.