This Sunday, Jaded bears witness to the start of a series that we hope will be an accelerator of anarchic new UK talent. Jasmine Azarian has curated the lineup of her most unruly mates. We caught up with her to find out more…

Jasmine, you’re kicking off a new Jaded chapter this Sunday, curating a line-up of techno ruffians with the guideline: ‘things that you can’t even play in Room 1.’ Can you tell us how you discovered each artist, and give us a track that exemplifies their sound?

I discovered Lacchesi in Paris. He was playing after me, usually people don’t like to play after me because I play too hard or fast but he was perfectly able to take over and did a great job. I knew he would be perfect for this line up.

I’ve played with Witch Trials & Ceili before so I know they are capable of doing some damage. They have a techno collective called Ceili Collective which throw some pretty sweet parties in a brewery in Hackney Central.

I work with Niamh at MOTZ and we learnt how to DJ together many moons ago so I trust her taste and skills and believe she will do a killer job!

I did a competition for the slot but the person I chose canceled last minute so I curated a line up with people I knew to prevent further problems but I really enjoyed the mixes and definitely will consider for another line up.

You recently moved to London from Berlin. Can you tell us some of the discoveries (musical and otherwise) that have endeared this city to you so far?

The techno scene is completely different in London in comparison to Berlin, it’s a lot smaller. There are some great parties like hotbox, Kaos and other very underground parties. Jaded has stolen my heart (not because I’m writing this interview haha) it’s so nice to go somewhere and feel at home with the crew and staff, that’s something I didn’t experience in Berlin. So I’m very happy to have that in Corsica Studios.

The Uk techno sound is very different, you have genres like jungle, bass, d’n’b and you can hear it influencing the techno sound here. Labels like THEM, Pls.Uk etc give you a taste of that sound. Artists like Randomer, j.tijn, Mumdance, Tessela are examples of techno artists who incorporate elements of Uk genres. It’s quite raw which I like.

MOTZ has exploded onto our consciousness this year. You girls have been regularly scooping the music mags, premiering releases from the likes of The Prodigy and Ancient Methods. How did MOTZ come about, and can you share a proud moment from the journey so far?

Thanks, yeah it’s been some ride! I wanted to start a music site for years but only had time after I finished my degree in 2016 so the birth of MOTZ happened shortly after that in Berlin. I asked my friends to be involved that I knew had the passion and the right skills to make it work. It was also interesting because they lived in different cities so we could report from different places. We cover Ireland, Berlin and London and soon planning to cover other places. MOTZ is the nickname for girls in Dublin so that’s were the name comes from! We also have some new additions to the team so we are expanding. I’m always really proud of the girls and how they continue to strive and amaze me, without them MOTZ wouldn’t be the same!

Finally, we’re dying to hear what you’ve got for us this Sunday – what can the children of Jaded expect from your set?

I always like to change up my sets and play stuff that’s a bit different. I’ve gone back in time and stolen some old gems that haven’t been dusted off in a while so expect a lot of old skool bangers! This will be a Room 2 that people won’t forget anytime soon!