Corsica Studios is to be visited by absolute destruction this Sunday. We’re talking a full Ismus crew invasion. Their crazed and bloody beast of a VA was released on Wednesday. A celebration of it is most definitely in order. The Ismus line up is ridiculous. We’re hosting the UK debuts of Tham (Ismus, Synoid, Lebendig) and Third Wife (IOD, Ismus) and Ismus invaders TooMuch, I.E and Philipp Drube.

Over in Room 2, Jasmine Azarian has pulled together a pugilistic lineup honouring International Women’s weekend: GiGi FM, Proteus, Niamh. Ismus ressie Alva completes her band of warriors. Brace yourselves, Children Of Jaded, we’re confident that you’ll be torn between rooms, and you’ll definitely dance until you’re broken.

As always, entry for Jaded is from 5am, so you can come catch some of the finale of Corsica’s much anticipated new night NAFF, before the lunacy truly begins.