Ismus are kicking off Summer Camp this year alongside Jaded. We are thrilled to appear on the bill alongside Fast Forward Productions’ DJ Ibon, Lobster D.Dan, Veronique, and the incredible Philipp Drube and TooMuch. Memories of them torching Room 1 with pure rave are still fresh. Our beloved Ma Čka from Mekanikal Bloodshed completes the Room 1 lineup with the Jaded reprobates Stephanie Sykes, Chris Stanford, Raymundo and SLLAV.

Stephanie Sykes (47/Jaded)
Chris Stanford (Prodigal Son/Jaded)
Ma Čka (Mekanikal Bloodshed)
Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded)
SLLAV (Jaded)

DJ IBON (Fast Forward Productions/Bunkerbauer)
D.Dan (Lobster Theremin/Mörk)
Veronique (The Meaning Of Rave)
Philipp Drube (Ismus)
TooMuch (Ismus)

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