Jaded’s Spring ’19 is drenched in petrol and ready to ignite as we bring together the relevant and mosts wanted acts from the UK and Europe together to form one unholy Sunday riot. We want the techno children of London to be torn between rooms, sweat, and be challenged. To leave Corsica Studios utterly broken but inspired, armed with at least one new discovery every Sunday. The big news is a gift from Corsica Studios: from April onwards, there’s extended opening until 4PM.

Opening acts include 138 live, Ghost In The Machine, Noneoftheabove, Falhaber, KRTM & 74185#, Ørgie, Ma Čka, 93SOVAGE, DYEN, L Ʌ V Σ N, Veronique & Filip Kutz, Kontravoid live & Andi,and Imperial Black Unit live with much more to be announced imminently.