Since Tim Tama made his Jaded debut last summer, things have got a little bit crazy. Far from being overwhelmed by the attention, Tim has put out more singular releases, whilst remaining true to his mission. “The inspiration for my material comes from a wide range of sources: art, television, film, a wide range of musical genres, and experiences from day-to-day life. Although the concept of repetition is essential to techno, I strive to never do the same thing twice.” Here’s a brief glimpse into Tim’s closing set this Sunday…

Emmanuel – Anthem 2

The kick pattern in this one can throw you off, but it’s what makes the track. The kick combined with a pulsating synth lead is what makes this one of my favourites at the moment.

Oscar Mulero – Texture (Shlomo Remix)

Again, a track with an interesting kick pattern. Unlike the ones in ‘Anthem 2’, these kicks are soft but still ‘pop’. The contrast between the dreamy ambient sounds and the kick pattern makes it sound very interesting.

Clouds – Dinner at Skinjaâs

A very effective tool. It sounds very raw, and is focused on percussion. The swing on the percussive elements is what makes the track.

Yan Cook – Sand

What makes this track so great and functional is the gated synth riff that plays throughout the track. The kick combined with the ‘classic’ hi-hats in between sound really strong.

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